145- Kala Ghoda


Ambience- 4.5/5
Food- 4/5
Service- 2.5/5
Value for money- 3.5/5
Overall -4/5

Why you should visit this place atleast once?
This place is always over crowded, hence prior reservation is highly recommended, you are likely to find long queue if reservations are not made, specially at weekends. Also, they dont allow any outside food like cake, if you plan to cut your birthday cake here then its a no!
The decor here is very good with soft music playing & young happening crowd. This place will refresh your mind & let you enjoy your evening.

Must try : Nutella milkshake, Pav bhaji cones, Cold Coffee.

Pav Bhaji Cones: A very unique concept when it comes to pav bhaji’s presentation, Hot buttery pav bhaji is served in bread cones with spicy flavours & is delicious to taste. The best part about the cones is that they are crispy, spongy & tasty.

Nutella milk shake: What else you can ask , when nutella is blended with milk? Chilled drink topped with whipped cream, gems & kitkat. Worth the money.

Cold coffee: One on my favourite drinks! This cold coffee was the best coffee I ever tasted uptill now. Highly recommended..!!

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