Raisin- Charni Road

A new cafe for college buddies to hang out & try something new.


Value for money- 3/5
Service- 4/5
Overall -4/5

Location: Opposite Charni Road station & Hinduja College lane.

Why you should visit?
As you’ll know Hinduja College lane is famous for its street food, but in amidst of food stalls, there is a cafe to beat your summer heat & to chill out in rainy season.

Attraction: Right outside the restaurant there is a signage displayed which mentions jain food available, so this is a place for all the jain foodies to hangout. The
ambience was quiet innovative with decorative lights which gave a soothing experience. It has upstairs as well as downstairs sittng arrangement with lively music.

What we had?
Chocolate waffle and Nachos with cheese sauce.


Chocolate waffle: Well, the dark chocolate waffle was served with maple syrup, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. It was less crispy, but soothes our taste buds when prepared according to your own taste.


Nachos with Cheese Sauce: The Nachos chips were crispy and tasted heavenly with the cheese sauce as well as salsa sauce which was served along with it, but the quantity of cheese was very less.

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