Ramnath Snacks – Lower Parel, Mumbai

Food- 5/5
Service- 4.5/5
Ambience- 2/5
Value for Money- 5/5
Overall- 3.5/5

₹ 300 for 2 (approx.)

Veg Jungli Grill, Sweet Corn Cheese Grill, Baked Beans Cheese Grill, Samosa Toast.

– Large Varieties of mouth watering Sandwiches.
– You also get wafers with chuttney while you wait for you sandwich to arrive by paying around ₹15.
– They also serve franky, juices, Dabeli, Pizza & Burgers.
– They serve both Veg and Nonveg.

What we had?
Sweet corn cheese grill, Baked Beans, Masala Toast, lemon Juice.

About Ambience:-
It is a very small outlet located opposite to The Highstreet Phoenix, Lower Parel. It is said you should focus on the content and not the container and this place is exactly like that. The ambience is not that great, but the sandwiches that they serve are amazing. You will find few stools and tables where you can sit and have your food.

About Food:-

This is one of the least explored sandwich places in South Mumbai. We hadn’t heard about this place before we explored it, but when we did it is in our top list for having some quick bite in South Mumbai.

Sweet Corn Cheese grill is made from mayonnaise, cheese, sweet corn & capsicum. This is one of our favourite as we enjoyed the taste and the view of drizzling cheese and mayo from the side’s makes it more appealing.

Baked Beans Cheese Grill was something new that we had. It has Rajma filling in it and also has some veggies. A perfect choose when you want to gobble on some proteins. Loved it..!!

Masala toast is what we have been eating from our childhood in Mumbai which has a filling of smashed potatoes mixed with spices and veggies alongwith it, so trying this one was a must for us. When it arrived it tasted perfect.

Lemon juice was more of tangy flavour and less of sweet flavour which we personally love. If you want it to be more sweet please ask for it and it will be done.

Last but not the least they serve Grills with potato wafers, green Chuttney and red chuttney which enhances the taste of the sandwich, so do try their sandwiches with chuttney.

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