Off the Grid- Oshiwara, Andheri West, Mumbai

Ambience: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value for money: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

This place is located in the most happening places of Mumbai i.e. Andheri near Citi Mall which has lots of places to hang out. 

Look and Feel:
A huge place catering to all moods. If you are a sheesha lover then you have a seating arrangement outside, if you are a party person and love to dance then you have a dance floor section, if you are a family person then they do have a family dining section as well. 
As the name suggests off the grid it is located little bit away from the chaos and have vertical gardens to give you that feeling. Their also do not use any artificial flavors in their foods. Off the Grid is a perfect place to hangout any day.

What you should try?
Drinks: Mama Mia, Long Island Iced tea, OTG Cool Icy, Rang Barse, Sex on the Beach.
Appetizers: Exotic Flat Bread, Water Chestnuts & Sweet Chilly Glaze, Khichiya Nachos, Aloo Nazakat.
Main Course: Trio Lasagna,  Broccoli Mushroom & Walnut with Cantonese Sauce.
Dessert: 3 Way baked Yogurt, Kentucky Derby Pie.

What we had?
Drinks: Mama Mia, OTG Cool Icy
Appetizers: Cheese Chilly Toast, Sago seek, Khichiya Nachos, OTG Tandoori Veg Platter, Herbed French Fries, Exotic Flat Bread, Water Chestnuts & Sweet Chilly Glaze.
Main Course: Trio Lasagna, Penne Arabiatta, Broccoli Mushroom & Walnut with Cantonese Sauce
Dessert: 3 Way baked Yogurt, OTG Sundae Extravaganza, Key Lime Pie, Kentucky Derby Pie.

How was it?

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-Mama Mia- A mocktail with mild flavors made by blending mango juice, coconut water, mint and vanilla ice cream. In mocktails this one was our personal favourite. Must Try..!!

-OTG Cool Icy- A drink with watermelon Juice mixed with green apple and lime. The tanginess of Lime made the drink taste better.


-Cheese Chilly Toast- The view of the melting cheese from the classic chilly cheese toast and the colorful salad served alongside will make you crave for it. There was good amount of cheese and the salad tasted yum..

-Sago Sheek- Kabab Rolls stacked on one another with mayo drizzled on it. They are served along with  mint chutney and salad. The kababs were moist from inside and good to taste.

-Khichiya Nachos- A fusion dish made with pieces of khichiya papad. It had lots  of liquid cheese and salsa sauce on it. Must try..!

-OTG Tandoori Veg Platter- This platter had variety of appetizers like aachari panneer, Aloo Nazakat, Jimmy kand ke Kabab, Khichiya Papad, Tandoori Mushrooms. From the platter our favorite were aachari panneer, aloo nazakat and tandoori mushrooms.

-Herbed French Fries- Spicy fries served with 4 different types of dips. The fries were fried till perfection and were crunchy. The portion side was large and a good option to munch which u sip ur drink.

-Exotic Flat Bread- Freshly baked thin crust breads with a good amount of cheese and exotic veggies. It was crunchy and amazing.

-Water Chestnuts & Sweet Chilly Glaze- Water chestnuts cooked in sweet chilly sauce. The water chestnuts were crispy. This was the best appetizer we had here. It is unique, it is tasty and you cannot afford to miss it.

Main Course:

-Trio Lasagna- The view of the 3 layered lasagna surrounded with arabiatta sauce was truly captivating. As we take a bite of it, there was a blast of flavors of cheese, spinach sauce, veggies and arabiatta sauce in our mouth.

-Penne Arabiatta- A classic pasta which consists of penne pasta cooked in arabiatta sauce. It tasted average.

-Broccoli Mushroom and Walnut with Cantonese Sauce- This dish was the game changer. A simple dish but with full of flavors. The Cantonese sauce is served with rice and salad. The dish has the required spice, sweetness & the crunch. Highly Recommended..!!


-3 Way Baked Yogurt- Mango, Raspberry and Blueberry flavored yogurt baked together and served with whipped cream and chocolates. It tasted divine..!!

-OTG Sundae Extravaganza- A dessert which gives pleasure to our eyes and tongue is what we would say. It has lots of syrups, chocolates, biscuits, ice creams, whipped cream.

-Key Lime Pie- A dish beautiful to see. It had a crunchy tart with a syrup lime and butter in it. It was a little disappointment as the tart was too hard and the filling tasted too tangy. 

-Kentucky Derby Pie- A crunchy pie which had cake and walnuts in it. It was good at taste but the cake was too dry.

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